Safest Cities to Live

The other day my husband showed my this BBC Article, about living in the world’s five safest cities. According to the BBC, they are Osaka (Tokyo), Amsterdam, Sydney, Singapore and Stockholm. What I like about the article is that it provides further information about what makes each city attractive to its citizens. Traveling with young children, the safety of the places we travel is more of a consideration in choosing locations than when we only had to worry about my husband and myself.

In looking at the list and reading about the cities, two thoughts came to mind. One, many of the safest cities are already on our list of desired travel destinations. Two, I felt a little sad that none of them are located inside the United States of America. Asia and Northern Europe seem to be doing the best job at creating safe havens for their citizens.

What travel destinations would you choose or possibly avoid based on their safety level? I’m curious to know your experiences.

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