Why I am writing this blog….

A few years ago, when we had only a two year old, and a 4 month old baby, we took a trip to Puerto Rico. We decided to spend part of our trip at an eco lodge on the south side of the El Yunque rain forest. It was a very isolated place, close to waterfalls thundering over huge boulders into swimming holes, deep in the tropical jungle. For dinner, there was only one place to go to eat, about a mile down the main road from the eco lodge. This meant that everyone who was staying at the eco lodge ate dinner there. We would all walk down along the main road, our way lit only by the moon and stars. It is a special breed of traveler that chooses to stay in that kind of location far from resorts and a variety of amenities. They have the best travel stories. As we would eat together, we would trade stories of our travels around the world. One traveler told a tale of being on a train in the Italian countryside that caught on fire and had to be evacuated. Another told of caves on the island of Crete where there were wild parties in the 60’s. I realized that one of the elements of travel I love is the stories that emerge, and the sense of community that exists among fellow travelers.

El Yunque Swimming Hole

El Yunque Swimming Hole

I love travel. I love talking about travel, reading about travel, watching shows about travel, and writing about travel. That sense of community that I have found in my travels all over the world, I want to find here in my blog. Whether you travel with children as we do, or solo, or with friends, I hope you find that sense of community here as well.

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